pumaTeam Birkbeck Rallysport have been competing at professional level in international rallying since 1988, both as a privateer team and with works manufacturer support. The expertise of the team revolves around front wheel drive rally cars and Ford Motorsport parts and service. However, based upon requests from clients to run their historic motorsport cars, Chris and the team have spent 2008 developing and building FIA Appendix K Opel Kadett historic rally cars and are quickly becoming known as a resource for historic Opel rally car preparation. In fact, such is the depth of expertise amassed by the team over the previous decades, there probably isn’t a rallying based motorsport project they wouldn’t be able to complete

Ford Motorsport

ka_frontEverything from the smallest Ka part to a complete Puma SS1600, ready to go. The team’s contacts at Ford Motorsport Boreham, until it closed, plus their experise in running competition Fords on events at professional level, mean that Team Birkbeck is the place to go for your Ford tuning parts advice. Read More >>>

Historic Motorsport

Opel Kadet Rally Car The team’s entry into historic motorsport will begin with the build and development of an FIA Appendix K Opel Kadett at the end of 2008. You can view the progress of the build here and read full details of the car, the parts the team have developed and the car’s debut event. Read More>>>

Fast Ford Road Car Parts

Ford KaWhen Ford chose to close the Boreham motorsport department, a great many ideas and products were headed for the crusher. Chris and the team realised the value of the development that had gone into these components and negotiated to save them. The team carry a large stock of Ford tuning parts suitable for your road, rally and track car and can use their experience to suggest the best path forward in making your Ford faster. Read More >>>

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